Infusion center

Infusion center provides comfortable outpatient application of infusions. This office has been used for many years not only by specialists from Sagena, but also by the doctors from city and surroundings.

There has been mainly high interest in analgesic infusion for damping of acute and chronic pains, especially in the area of spine.

We also offer series of infusions which support blood circulation of limbs (so called vasodilatory) in patients with arterial narrowing, or blockage in limbs.

Application is done in comfortable, positionable armchairs and clients are under the supervision of trained personnel.

Additional payment is needed for healing mixtures in infusions according to the tariff of VZP. You can ask our nurses about the price beforehand.

You can find us here

Sagena I, 8. pěšího pluku 2450, 3rd floor

Nurse: +420 553 030 831

Reception: +420 553 030 830

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