Magnetic resonance

Safe, painless examination, which can scan structure of organs into the smallest details, it is especially important in neurological, orthopedic, oncological or other diseases. Scanning happens without x-ray or other ionizing radiation, which can be potentially dangerous.


  • Acceptable waiting times 
  • The most modern equipment
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Reserved area for acute cases


Procedure of the examination


  1. Reservation

      Indicating doctor, or patients themselves reserve their examination based on the doctor’s recommendation (request for MRI).


    • Before the examination
      • There is no special preparation needed prior to the examination.
      • Come 15-20 minutes before the reserved term of the examination.
      • You should not drink, eat, or smoke at least 2 hours before the examination.
        o Use the toilet before going to the changing room


      You will be asked to hand in the request for MRI and to sign the instruction (so called informed agreement), which contains basic information about the MRI examination. The patient confirms that he/she has been informed about the risks and contraindication of the examination.


      Then you will be led by the MRI personnel to the changing room, where you will take off your clothes, jewelry and personal belongings. Main purpose of this precaution is mainly that it is necessary to protect your phone, watch, credit cards and other personal belongings from the magnetic field, so they are not damaged in any way.

    1. Scanning

      You will lie on a scanning table during MRI scanning, you will be fixed in a small area inside the tubular device, which uses magnetic and radio waves for images of scanned anatomical area. It is absolutely necessary for you to not move during the scanning, so we are able to get quality images.


      MRI personnel will use fixation tools for elimination of possible movements and these tools improve your comfort during scanning. You will be under the control of the radiology staff, you will be able to communicate with them through a button and a microphone.


      Length of examination depends on the area which is scanned. It usually takes from 20 to 50 minutes.

    2. After scanning
      MRI scan has no recorded side effects, the client goes home right after scanning without contrast material. If the client has contrast material applied, he waits 20 minutes under professional control.

    Risk factors

    Absolute contraindications:

    Matters that complicate optimal examination:

    The scanning can be made in such cases, but it is limited. Patients with heavy obesity (BMI above 30-32) sometimes cannot be scanned due to the narrow area inside the MRI scanner.

    Notify MRI staff about all of these facts please, it is possible to consult them by phone.

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