MRI scan

  • Examination, which uses strong magnetic field
  • Safe, painless examination, which can scan the structure of the organs into the smallest details. MRI has significance especially in neurological, orthopedic, oncologic and other diseases.
  • MRI scans without x-rays or other ionizing radiation, which can be potentially dangerous.

Benefits of the SAGENA MRI department

  • Acceptable reservation periods
  • Daily designated period for acute cases
  • Comfortably and modernly equipped clinic with individual approach to the client
  • Diagnosis according to the modern and recommended processes, including continuous implementation of new recommendations
  • Erudition of the personnel is a matter of course, our staff is able to use these technologies for the benefits of the patient

Technical background

  • Magnetom Avanto Siemens 1,5 T device, including multichannel coils and dedicated coils for examination of the shoulder and knee joint, breast coil, the department has endorectal coil
  • The Centrum zdraví (Centre of health) complex is equipped with digital picture archiving and communication system (PACS) Carestream
  • The department is integrated into the ePACS network with the possibility of distribution of the picture documentation to other users of this network


MRI department offers these examinations:

  • Examination of the nervous system – brain, spinal cord and spine, peripheral nerves including intracranial
  • Examination of the neck, face and orbit
  • Examination of the musculoskeletal system, including the function of the pelvic floor
  • Examination of the organs of the lesser pelvis including spectroscopy of the prostate with the use of endorectal coil
  • Examination of the abdomen, specifically the liver including MRCP, pancreas, enterography
  • Examination of the mediastinum, including examination of the heart
  • Angiographic examination of arteries and veins
  • Examination of the soft tissues
  • Examination of the breast
  • Preoperative navigation for neurosurgery
  • Whole body examination for detection of the matrix disease of the skeleton (multiple myeloma, metastasis)




We use the newest version – 11.1 of Power Viewer in our Carestream PACS, which allows us to make multiplanar reconstructions (mIP, MIP) and virtual reconstructions (VRT).


We are able to search, watch and analyze venous translucence with the mapping of the function of the veins.


We are able to make fusions of pictures and not only in the frame of our MRI modality, but also between modalities of MRI and CT, thanks to our license of volume comparison.


We also have the possibility to visually define the tissue.


This all, with the help of patented workflows of the CSH, helps to refine diagnosis and accelerates the treatment.


You can find more information on the web sites of Promedica Praha.

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