Complex diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. The department has all needed equipment available-ECG, ECG-Holter, BP-Holter, echocardiography and stress tests – ergometrics, spiro-ergometrics.

You can find us here

Sagena I, 8. pěšího pluku 2450

Nurse: +420 553 030 846

Reception:+420 553 030 830


You have to check in at the reception on the 3rd floor before every examination.

You are treated by

Tereza Patočková, M.D.

Ivan Ranič, M.D.

Petra Pešová, M.D.

We offer complex cardiologic examination:

Ergometry (stress test)

Pressure holter

ECG holter


ECG is very easy, undemanding and painless examination, which shows the electric activity of the heart to the doctor. Every cardiac muscle contraction is accompanied by creation of tender electric voltage, which is spread out to the surface of your body, where it is possible to be monitored by ECG. If there is a change in the electric activity in your heart, doctor can recognize that your heart is unwell.


Echocardiography is a special ultrasound examination of heart. It is painless, ultrasound probe, covered in a special gel, is put onto the chest on certain points, and 2D image of the heart, including color differentiated blood stream is visible on the monitor of the device. Doctor is able to assess the heart activity and its contractions, he is able to measure, in detail, the defects during this activity (for example scars after heart attacks, cardiac muscle stiffness during hypertension etc.) It is also possible to see all heart valves and their eventual disorders (narrowing or not closing). Examination done by experienced doctor is very exact and gives overall image of the heart function.

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