Internal medicine department

Complex diagnosis and treatment of the internal medicine diseases. Pre-operation examination with following pre-op preparation, before every type of surgery. Monitoring and treatment of patients with all types of lipid metabolism disorder.

You can find us here

Sagena I, 8. pěšího pluku 2450

Reception: +420 553 030 830


You have to check in at the reception on the 3rd floor before every examination.

You are treated by

Dr. Jana Gajdošíková, M.D.

Dr. Simona Popová, M.D.

Internal medicine outpatient clinic

Internal lipid outpatient clinic

Our lipid outpatient clinic focuses on the monitoring and treatment of patients with all types of disorders of metabolism of fat. Patients with high levels of cholesterol or triglycerides in blood have usually higher risk of atherosclerosis and vascular diseases, especially heart-attacks, stroke etc. which arise from that.

The aim of our outpatient clinic is, to a certain point, preventive, and it focuses on either delay, or prevention of vascular diseases. This concerns especially patients with so called familial hypercholesterolemia, which is genetically conditioned and patients who have high laboratory values and have not had any of this diseases yet. Outpatient clinic is interconnected with the all state project MedPed, which deals with genetical evidence of these deviations and looks for all families, which are in risk from the cardiovascular disease point of view.

Latest decades have given us very effective possibilities, how to influence fat metabolism disorder and experience from our outpatient clinic show that around 90% of all patients have much better values of fat levels in the long term and this effect has stayed for years in cooperating patients monitored and treated in the long-term.


ECG is very easy, undemanding and painless examination, which shows electric activity of your heart to the doctor. Every cardiac muscle contraction is accompanied by creation of tender electric voltage, which is spread up to the surface of your body, where it is possible to be monitored by ECG. If there is a change in the electric activity in your heart, doctor can assume that your heart is unwell.


Infusion center provides comfortable ambulant application of infusions., which help our patients to decrease and treat, not-only, chronic diseases, but also heavy acute states. This department is not used only by our doctors, but mainly by doctors from the city and surroundings.

Innovation is an application of series of infusions supporting blood circulation of limbs (so called vasodilatory) in patients with arterial narrowing or clogging.

Our department has become very demanded by patients and doctors.

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