Care of patients with brain, spine and peripheral nervous system diseases. Patients are indicated from surgeries on peripheral nerves, spine surgeries to the most complicated surgeries of the brain.

Ambulant surgery of carpal tunnels

You can find us here

Sagena I, 8. pěšího pluku 2450

Reception: +420 553 030 830


You have to check in at the reception on the 3rd floor before every examination.

You are treated by

Zdeněk Večeřa, M.D.

Tomáš Krejčí, M.D.

Marian Starý, M.D.

Warning for clients

Dear clients, take all images you have (x-ray, CT, MRI etc.) with you, please. If you do not have these images, please check if your recommending doctor has already sent these images to Sagena (by mail or so called PACS). Neurosurgeon cannot assess your case without images!


We are not able to guarantee the exact time of the examination. We ask for patience. The explanation is as follows:


Advantage for you is saving of time – you do not have to go to Ostrava! By the way-we are the only institution in the wide area which has neurological outpatient clinic.

Thank you for understanding.

We offer:

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