Broad spectrum of the ultrasound methods: Echocardiogram of the heart, vascular Doppler (upper and lower limbs, aorta, carotids and vertebral arteries, renal arteries), transcranial Doppler, US of joints, soft tissues, examination of kidneys, urinal tract incl. prostate, US of abdomen and neck (the thyroid gland).

You can find us here

Sagena I, 8. pěšího pluku 2450

Reception: +420 553 030 830


You have to check in at the reception on the 3rd floor before every examination.

We offer

Broad spectrum of ultrasound examinations-we have the most modern ultrasound devices:

  • Echocardiography (heart examination)
  • Color Doppler (vascular examination)-upper and lower limbs, renal (kidney) arteries, abdominal aorta, arteries which supply the brain (carotids, vertebral arteries, TCCD-transcranial examination)
  • Ultrasound examinations of the abdomen and kidneys
  • US examinations of neck (nodes, thyroid, soft tissues),
  • US of joints and soft tissues of the whole body
  • Specialized US examination of the urinary tract

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