Individual motion therapy

Our advantage is individual approach towards patients with disabilities from the fields of traumatology, orthopedics, neurology, gynecology, urology etc.

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ACT (Acral Coactivation Therapy) exercises according to R. Brunkow’s method

  • acral supportive exercises for straightened back
  • focus on co-activation (co-ordination) of muscle chains in the whole body
  • correction of wrong movement stereotypes through motor learning
  • use of positions of early motor evolution of a child, from the period of the first year of child’s life
  • prevention and cure of musculoskeletal disorder
  • increasing of athletic performance of athletes
  • integration of ACT principles into work and common daily life

Kabat technique (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Sensorimotor stimulation method

SM System of exercises according to Dr. Smíšek, M.D.

Exercises with flexible rope, which activates spiral chains (muscle groups), which relieve any pressure put onto the intervertebral discs and joints, and thus allow their nourishment, regeneration and healing, and optimize their mobility.


REDCORD – hanging device

Use in physiotherapy

  • Neurac test diagnosis –system examination of the whole body with the goal of finding imperfections in the muscle chains, called weak links
  • Neurac treatment (neuromuscular activation) on the Redcord Workstation Professional system
  • treatment and prevention of backaches
  • treatment and prevention of orthopedic, neurological, gynecological and other diagnoses

For athletes

  • testing of muscular imbalances, coordination deficit, strength and timing
  • functional training
  • corrective exercises
  • increasing of athletic performance
  • injury prevention

Neurac test and treatment are possible without any recommendation from doctor, it is necessary to book in advance.


Treatment and prevention of female and male pelvic floor dysfunction

  • bladder and bowel incontinence, small pelvic organ prolapse, problems of becoming pregnant, incontinence after prostate surgery, postpartum states, constipation
  • evaluation of function of pelvic floor muscles
  • preparation of treatment-training plan
  • recommendation of tools for better activation of pelvic floor muscles
  • electrostimulation, Biofeedback (Pericalm, Periton)


We use ULTRASOUND Q SONO Q3 to diagnose activity and relaxation. We use it also for biofeedback and for monitoring of development of the therapy.



Treatment of functional female sterility with the Ludmila Mojžíšová’s method

Respiratory rehabilitation

McKenzie’s method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT)


  • special tapes, which not only fixate, but also activate muscles, regulate muscle stress, dampen pain, and reduce swelling.

The most common indications

  • tennis and golf elbow
  • carpal tunnels
  • ligament injuries
  • unstable knee, shoulder, ankle…


Exercise with balls, labile surfaces, Therra-Band, Posturomed, Propriomed

Rehabilitation TMC – temporomandibular joint

Soft, mobilization techniques (therapy of soft tissues, mobilization of the spine and peripheral joints)

Foam ball massage

Mechanotherapy on stationary bike, elliptical trainer

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