Rehabilitation of children

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Bobath koncept

Neuro-development therapy, which includes holistic approach towards patient. Develops system model of motor behavior, which includes sensory, musculoskeletal, planning, regulating, memory and environment systems. The main emphasis is put on the function. Parents with newborns are trained in handling – way of handling, manipulation with child for stimulation of development for the whole day.

Vojta’s reflexive therapy

VOJTA’S PRINCIPLE–reflexive locomotion–method from professor Vojta, which is based on the thought, that the main motion patterns are genetically programmed in the central nervous system of each individual. CNS is activated with the help of reflexive locomotion, it revives from disrupted situation, and the goal is to renew the inbred physiological motion patterns.

Precht’s method of qualitative evaluation of general movements

Timely diagnosis of motor dysfunction in children, from birth to the 20th week.

Therapeutic splints

Production of splints for upper limb from the f Orfit material, which serves to correct the positioning of given part, for improvement of function.

Sensorimotor training

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